Bidston Hill - Jewel of Wirrals Crown

History of The Wirral Peninsula

About 100 pages of info and images

Primarily the North Wirral Region

Our Dockland

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Ashville FC
Bebington & Bromborough
Bidston Aerodrome
Bidston Army Camp
Bidston Hall
Bidston Hill
Bidston Mill
Bidston Village
Birkenhead Priory
Birkenhead Woodside
Brunanburh (Battle of)
Claughton cum Grange

HMS Conway
Mersey Docklands (2 pages)
Wirral Dockland

Eastham Ferry
Egremont Ferry
Ferries - A History
Ferry Vessels
Flaybrick Cemetery
Ford Farm Bidston
Hamilton Square
Horse Racing
Job's Ferry
Leasowe Castle
Leasowe Light
Liberator Plane Crash

Liverpool (Incl Sub Section)
Medieval Wirral

Monk's Ferry
Moreton Old Hall Farm

Moreton Youth Club
Mother Redcaps
New Brighton
New Brighton Ferry
New Ferry
New Ferry - Ferry
Past Ports
Pillbox Murder
Place Name Origins
Port Sunlight
RAF West Kirby
Railway Stations
River Mersey
Rock Ferry
Rock Ferry - Ferry 
Saughall Massie
Scouse - the Language
Seacombe & Poulton
Seacombe Ferry
Ships Built at Cammell Lairds
Ships Flags as at 1966
Spy in the Attic (WW2)
St Hilary's Fire
Tam O'Shanter's Cottage
Thermopylae Pass
Thunderbolt P47 (Moreton)
Tranmere Ferry
Upton Village
Video Vault
Wallasey - The Blitz
Wallasey RAF Hero
Wallasey Village
West Kirby & Hilbre
Wirral Horn

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Ships Built By Cammell Lairds is printed
courtesy of Wirral Archives



My special thanks to Kenneth Burnley for his permission to reproduce from:

Portrait of Wirral by Kenneth Burnley, Hale Publications & Images of Wirral by Kenneth Burnley & Guy Huntingdon. The Silver Birch Press.

And a big thanks to Colin Schroeder from Greasby.

Thanks also to Professor Stephen Harding. Nottingham University, for your time and emails over the 2013 Xmas holiday
This is an amateur site, I do not claim to be 100% correct all the time. I reply on research and emails from which I get much information and images. Many of the images on this are mine as well. I also have had help from 'real' experts like Prof Stephen Harding, Colin Schroeder and Ken Burnley.

Worlds first Hovercraft Passenger & Mail Service
Moreton to Rhyl 1962

Its amazing how many web sites of reference and links have vanished without trace. Its as if people gave up. I have been scvouring these pages checking upon links and references that I have been giving for over a decade now, and a good 95% have vanished - gone! This site has been going over a decade now and will probasbly die with me. I keep it going at my own expence, I am now nearly 68. It too won't last forever.


Leasowe Prehistoric Man